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Return Processing


Even though our production costs are high and rise each year, we sell our air purifiers at prices substantially lower than we should just to make them affordable for most people. We also ship the air purifiers to customers FREE and do not charge Sales Tax. This means WE pay the shipping expense and all applicable sales taxes on each order, and this incurred cost is a large out of pocket expense for us, while operating on small profit margins. Thus, we ship the air purifiers on GOOD FAITH, expecting each customer at the very least to give the air purifier a FAIR 30-DAY TRIAL, and work with us closely to resolve any issues during the trial period. This helps avoid unnecessary order returns, which in turn helps us keep the prices down and affordable for the next customer in line!

IMPORTANT: Please note MOST of the problems with the air purifiers are due to incorrect unit settings; incorrect placement of the unit; misunderstanding of the technology and how it's supposed to work, or a combination of more than one of these factors! At times, additional user help may also be needed to accommodate and fit the unit better to their environment, especially since everyone's situation is different.

It is a fact that most problems could easily be resolved within just a few minutes simply by speaking with one of our knowledgeable product support representatives, who will gladly assist you and provide instructions to resolve the issue as applicable. This is not only the recommended first step should there be any problem, but is also the REQUIRED first step per terms and conditions of our returns warranty in order to avoid additional fees being deducted from your refund in case the unit is eventually shipped back for refund! As such, here are the instructions to follow before obtaining the RMA for return:

Instructions for issuance of RMA

FIRST – Carefully and fully review the entire terms and conditions of our returns warranty, which are also found on the Our Guarantee page and to which you had expressly agreed to by purchasing from our online store. This will tell you exactly what to expect should you decide to proceed with the return.

SECOND - Call (231) 421-6608 between the hours of 10AM - 7PM EST, M-F, to speak directly with one of our product support representatives to RESOLVE whatever issue you’ve experienced with the air purifier(s) you have received (you can also ask them to call you right back to avoid any long distance charges). Again, by trying to resolve the issue rather than just returning the order, you solve the problem quickly where the unit actually starts working for you as you had expected. After all that was the intent and the reason for your purchase to begin with, and we will make sure this happens! Should the problem not be resolved after following the simple instructions from our product support team, you will still be able to return the unit, yet you will avoid any applicable deductions from your refund resulting from NOT following these instructions and procedures for return per terms and conditions of our returns warranty.

THIRD – IF the problem you’ve experienced remains unresolved after speaking with our product support and following their instructions for resolution, and thus there is still a need and valid reason to return the unit at that time, please return to this page and fill out the information below in order for us to issue the RMA and process your return accordingly.