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We are enjoying the lightning air living purifier immensely and do definitely notice that there is no more pet odor. Best investment we have made in our well being and health. Piece of mind going to sleep that we have clean air is so reassuring that I have found myself sleeping better at night. Thank you once again, a very satisfied customer.

Jason Bettinger
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I have been using my Lightning Alpine Living Air Purifier (ZL-3 model) for several months. I live in Arizona where it is very dusty and with the lack of rain a great deal of pollution. This was the reason I bought the air purifier. It has performed beyond my expectations. I am finally breathing clean air in my home. My wife is very satisfied as well and we have found that our house stays clean for a much longer period of time. I highly recommend the purifier and am very pleased with all of the unit's features.

Don Amen
Sun City West, AZ

I received the product about two weeks ago and have noticed a marked improvement in the air quality in the house. Even my wife finally admitted she was glad I bought the unit.

Robert DeFloria
Huntington Beach, CA

The reason why I purchased the LA-1500 is my father in law is a chain smoker & I found it very difficult to breathe in the house. I looked around at all the other smoke free filters out there & the price was double even triple the price of Alpine. I wanted to give it a try & had nothing to loose because of their 30 day money back guarantee. So I ordered one about a month and a half ago & to our extreme satisfaction it worked awesome. In fact it worked so well we ordered a 2nd one & placed it in my father in laws room & now when we turn the heat or the air on, it doesn't smell like smoke throughout the house. We are a very happy & satisfied customer. Thank you very much "Alpine".

Randy Savitt
Apple Valley, CA

I received my living lightning air purifier yesterday, and I could tell a difference in about 1 hour after turning it on!

Kim Nations
Hoschton, GA

Within a few days of setup we started to notice discoloration on the walls and tiles and a strange smell that lasted for about a day or two. After investigating - we realized that this machine was starting to pull all of the nicotine and tar garbage out of the walls of our home! You see, our home was previously owned by a pair of chain smokers and while we had lived there about 3 years and had cleaned thoroughly, there was all of this yuck in the walls!! We went thru and cleaned again from top to bottom. Our home now smells WONDERFUL all of the time!

Nicole Hogan
Burlington, WI

The Fresh Air was shipped ready to connect, plug in, and start. That made us happy. We have dogs, cats, and a couple of birds so we don't expect shocking results immediately, but we are pleased with the discovery so far. We will continue to use the purifier.

Don Flau
Hesperia, CA

Many thanks for your timely response. I have to say that I hadn't realized how much better the air had become with the Fresh Air unit until I had to shut it off for cleaning. What a difference in the air! Many thanks.

Judie Collins
Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for my refund and for being professional. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Good luck to you.

Tony Suarez
San Clemente, CA

We love our Alpine air purifier... We were introduced to one of your first models 9 years ago when a skunk sprayed and the stench overtook our house inside and underneath. Within 2 days our house was cleared out. It was unbelievable. We just could not do without it, it works great and my home smells clean and fresh all the time. Thank you so much.

Linda Andrews
Liberty, NC

I've had an Alpine Air Living purifier for four or five years before getting this new one. I've been quite satisfied with the unit's removal of air impurities or else I would not have purchased a new unit.

Bill Brooks, Broker/Owner
Sun Country Realtors
Austin, TX

"I absolutely love it!"

I enjoyed my alpine living air purifier for years. This was from the older series, the ecoquest air purifier. I used successfully this ecoquest fresh air purifier to remove smoke and dog smell from my home. When my fresh air by ecoquest finally gave out after 10 years of use I bought from the newest living lightning series, the alpine living air fresh air purifier LA-3500 and it works even better than the old ecoquest international machine. I absolutely love it! Thank you Alpine Air Technologies for continuing to make and improve on such a great product. I recommend you to all my friends and co-workers, and will never use another air purifier besides the alpine air purifier.

David Matthews
Chicago, IL

Thank you for your decision to purchase our unique Alpine Air Living system!



We unconditionally guarantee your Living Lightning™ Air system. Order it Risk-Free, and put it to work. If you fail to eliminate indoor air pollution or significantly improve your environment within a 30-day period, simply return it for a full refund, and keep your bonus. Click here to see complete guarantee.

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