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Attention small business owners...

How would you like to advertise your own products, services, or information to our motivated, hungry, ready-to-buy now audience, including our customer base?

Dear small business owner,

How is your business? Honestly... Meeting your payroll? Staying afloat?

If you had answered YES, Congratulations! That's more than average. Let's face it! Ever since the economy took a tumble few years ago, things have not been looking up, and as a small business owner you feel it first and foremost.

What's the answer from Washington to help you? Proposed higher taxes and more regulation. While the global conglomerates like GE do not pay a dime in taxes, every single cent is taken out of YOUR pocket and just try not to pay... the IRS will slap you with a huge penalty faster than you can blink.

The bottom line is, it's tough in the marketplace right now, and there is quite a long road ahead to recovery. But you need new customers now to survive and grow your business, and you just can't wait another 10 years for the economy to improve. While we can't force the bickering fools in Washington to help your business, we want to help you ourselves!

Why? Because it's good for BOTH of our businesses - yours and ours, so it's a Win/Win situation!

You run a small business and you have products, services and/or information that you sell, right? We have a hungry audience looking for it. If we put the two together, we create the perfect match!

We help YOUR business by providing you with new customers and additional revenue, and help OUR business by providing our customers with additional products they otherwise may not have access to.

Biggest benefit to you is that you do NOT have to pay for traffic! WE pay for traffic and drive many thousands of people to our web site monthly, where many of them will see your ad! Thus, you get FREE traffic and most of the profit the sales bring you will be your NET profit! (driving traffic is the biggest expense in advertising, which you won't have here.)

What is our audience and customer base interested in? The many thousands of monthly visitors to our web site (many of whom become our customers) mostly from all over USA and Canada, but also other parts of the world, seek various health related resources to complement their healthy lifestyle. Yet, they have a broad range of interests.

Based on our recent survey of what they really want, these are the categories our customers have the most interest in:

Do you sell anything that falls within one or more of the above categories? If you do, then our customers want you!

That's right, whatever it is you're selling, we want you to advertise it to our customers from the popular and growing Recommended Resources page of our web site via a simple banner ad, an example of which you can see below. The banner ad should feature your offer linked to your web site, where our customers can go to purchase directly from you.

If you do not have a web site, no problem... We will partner up with offline businesses and brick and mortar stores too! Instead of linking to your web site, your banner ad can have just your contact info (phone#; email, street address, etc.) so our customers can contact you to place an order on or offline, or visit your store locally, etc.

Don't have a banner ad and don’t know how to make it or where to get one? That's not a problem either. After being approved for our program, we'll provide you with contact info of a reputable company to get your banner ad professionally done within just 48 hours for less than the cost of lunch for two!

Yet if you would rather place a simple text ad instead of the banner ad, that’s fine too! Just provide us with the exact text for your ad (title and description) and specify the URL you want the title to link to. That’s all there is to it!

While we want to work with everyone, we're sure you understand it is not possible, as we have to limit competition among advertisers to maximize profit potential of each. There is just no sense in allowing five different advertisers to sell the same thing.

Also, data hosting is not cheap! We have to expand and consume more server resources in order to host numerous banner ads, which of course costs us more money. There is also the added administrative cost involved to process the ads and advertiser info, and the cost to have our web development properly format, configure, code, test, and place your banner ads on our web site.

So to separate serious business owners who want to grow their business from those who only WISH to do the same, and limit advertiser competition at the same time, while also help us offset the costs incurred placing your ads, we have to charge a small flat annual fee to host your ad.

(300x250 pixel)

Banner Size: 300 x 250 pixel or smaller
(*larger sizes currently not allowed)

Text Ad: Title is 40 characters maximum;
Description is 512 characters maximum.

Hosting Price: $120 USD annual flat fee.
(breaks down to just $10/month!)

Payment: one (1) year minimum prepaid.

While we encourage all who want to apply to do so, we will choose those advertisers whose offer matches well our customers' interests and complements our own category/product line, so there is synergy!

For example, if your business falls into the health category selling unique nutrition, which we know our customers are interested in, we would rather give you the advertising space than someone selling books on poetry, which do not match the wants of our audience in general and neither complement in any way our primary line of products or the health and home improvement category.

If you think your offer will be a good match for our audience, take the next step now for your business and secure your spot today before your competitors do! Please fill out and submit the form below with your information. We will review your offer, and if accepted will provide you with placement and payment info.